Easy Work-From-Home Outfit

Work from home outfit

Clothes that resemble PJs are my not my favorite kinda clothes. Frankly speaking, I don’t even own a truck suit or a hoodie. But comfort is still my top priority when working from home, this and my hair out of my face. While I still haven’t found my perfect WFH formula, I’ve found an easy go-to look that makes my days feel manageable and productive.

On most days, I opt for linen shorts that allow for a wide range of sitting positions and I pair these with a simple, oversized sweater or structured oversized cotton shirt. For grabbing coffee and working from the coffee shop I throw on sleek white sneakers and jeans. I always tend to reach for shorts over jeans and trousers. I prefer them wider through the leg, almost ballooned in shape, while remaining as flattering as possible at the waist. I’ve got a few different linen styles last season, my favorite being the high waisted red ones from Mango that I haven’t had many chances to wear them over the summer. Adding color to my looks is something that picks up my mood every time without fail. Also, gold jewelry! From pair of gold hoops to gold chain necklaces. They look great peeking out from your neckline and still gives the perfect amount of extra details to all neutral cozy knits and white shirts that I end up wearing every day.